Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best Graphics - The Redux

Last week, I linked you to IGN's best and worst graphics list, and this time, I thought I'd give you my own take on the subject. Mine won't be quite as elaborately categorized, sad to say.


Okami -
Probably one of the most experimental art styles ever used in a game. The asian scroll-art inspired presentation was truly a sight to behold.

Donkey Kong Country
- Released at the height of the bit wars, it looked better than a lot of the games being released on so-called 32 and 64-bit consoles. This is also the game that really made Rareware into a big time developer

Resident Evil REmake - At the time that this was released, there wasn't a single game that looked better. Sure, everything was pre-rendered and thus non-interactive, but it was just so damned good in combination with the horror atmosphere that you really didn't care. Even going back now and playing it years later, the visuals still hold up incredibly well.


Air Cars -
I always thought early polygonal games were ugly from the start, but this game made no real effort to turn them into recognizable objects. Instead you controlled a non-descript cube hoveirng around shooting at other dully colored geometric shapes.

Red Alarm -
Untextured wireframe models and a bright red color scheme made sure you'd have a headache about 5 minutes into playing.

Feel free to give me your own little lists or even individual games that you think are deserving of either title.


  1. I keep the hope for someday see a better resident evil 5, I don't know maybe is only me but this game suck, we the players of the entire saga deserve a better game no this, and of course that I wait a DKC remake, but please the first one.