Monday, March 2, 2009

A Tarnished Legend for Chun-Li

Unsurprisingly, the new Street Fight movie, The Legend of Chun-li, is a critical flop so far, receiving almost unanimously terrible reviews from just about everyone but Variety who gave it a very generous 60% rating. You could talk about the stilted acting or the film's complete lack of resemblance to the game series itself, but movie's biggest flop is the god awful fight scenes. You haven't seen fight choreography this base and awkward since old '80s American action movies. Most of the fights rely heavily on wires, and they aren't covered up very well, as the actors spend most of their time flipping around slowly while larger than life sound effects try to make up for the complete lack of action.

If you're planning to see it for whatever ungodly reason, you're better off just skipping it. At least the original movie dared to be bad; this is just too boring to be amusing in any way. Kreuk's acting is about the only thing anyone's named as being even remotely admirable, and that's only in the face of the wooden dialogue she's been given to work with.


  1. Awwhhh first comment. Yeah this film stinks, I mean it makes the JC version back in 1994 look like the Dark Knight. And seriously she does one spinning bird kick in the club and it ends up looking like a queer 1960's disco move (they even have to tell you its a spinning bird kick by having a spinning bird pendant). Lets not even mention the move at the end which was meant to be Kikosen but was actually a Hadoken. Just completely pissed me off especially since Kreuk F£^$^ing lied saying this is keeping the story line close to the original utter bull£$%$%!

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