Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Timbaland Gets his own Game

Seems like the success of one Timbaland has come at the cost of another, as the iconic shoe franchise has been snuffed out. Suppose it's really not all that strange after seeing everything from Shaq Fu to a Spice Girls-themed rhythm game, but Timbaland's coming out with his own game called Beaterator courtesy of Rockstar (sounds like some bad Kindergarten slang or a new flavor of gaterade). It's really more of a beat creation tool with a lot of amusing little side games. Sort of like Mario Paint with gold plated rims. Wonder if it'll be anything like that where most people spent all their time playing that fly-swatting mini-game anyway.

50 Cent's latest game is reportedly pretty good, so hopefully this'll follow the suit of good artist-based games.

Source: http://thatgamingsite.com/news/521/2k-gamesrockstar-releases-info-on-new-psp-game/

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